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Transfer of Ownership

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The Ursulines of Prelate are pleased to announce that they have transferred ownership and management of St. Angela Merici Residence and Corporation to Emmanuel Care. Emmanuel Care is a sponsor/owner of various Catholic facilities throughout Saskatchewan, including 12 Catholic hospitals and nursing homes and two seniors independent and assisted living facilities (Trinity Manor at Stonebridge and Trinity Manor at Westerra). Emmanuel Care is accountable to the Bishops of Saskatchewan, who are its corporate members.


Sr. Anne Lewans, General Superior of the Ursulines of Prelate says, "We are very pleased to transfer St. Angela Merici Residence to Emmanuel Care, a Catholic organization that shares with us very similar values and a history of service for all. We believe this transfer will allow St. Angela Merici Residence to continue its mission of service for the community far into the future. It will be a tangible example of our legacy for many years to come."


Scott Irwin, President & CEO of Emmanuel Care, says, "Emmanuel Care is honoured that the Sisters have entrusted us with the opportunity to ensure that St. Angela Merici Residence continues to meet unmet needs and serve our community well into the future." He goes on to say that he expects that there will be no changes to the governance and operations of the facility as a result of this transfer and that, "St. Angela Merici Residence will continue to provide exceptional care and service as it has in the past, both to the Ursulines as well as to our other residents who come to call this 'home'".


St. Angela Merici Residence will continue to be governed by its existing Board of Directors and led by its very capable Administrative team. "We want the residents and staff of St. Angela Merici Residence to rest assured that it will be business as usual and that the legacy of exceptional care will continue unabated". Mr. Irwin goes on to express Emmanuel Care's great gratitude to the Board, Administration, Staff and Volunteers of the Residence, noting that, "we are very excited to have the opportunity to work with and get to know all of the people who have made it such a great and unique place to call home for those who reside there".


Rick Riel, Chair of the Board of Directors of St. Angela Merici Residence, Inc., says, "On behalf of the Board of Directors of St. Angela Merici Residence, Inc., I would like to express our profound appreciation to Sr. Anne and the Ursulines for their foresight at creating St. Angela's Residence and for their trust in each of the Board Directors that they appointed to carry out their vision for this facility. We are excited to work with Emmanuel Care and look forward to ensuring that the Residence continues on the course that the Sisters have so expertly set out".


For further information please contact Sr. Anne Lewans ( or Scott Irwin ( ).

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