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It is assumed that, as Sisters, we spend time in prayer each day, and we certainly do, but as we get older we may also find something to occupy the space that used to be mostly taken up by ministry. For many years, Sr. Lucille Bleile was active as a teacher and then as a pastoral associate. In both ministries, she used her creative talents abundantly. As she retired, she took to quilting, making countless quilts, large and small, and raising money for several wells in Africa. Many charities also benefited from quilts donated for their raffles. Now, at 100 years of age she is slowing down and has taking up coloring as a hobby. Most days, you can find Sr. Lucille in her room, happily coloring, mandalas being some of her favorite subjects. She says it relaxes her and is turning out to be a new and different way of praying.

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Beautiful work!

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