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VE5FK, also known as Sr. Rosetta Reiniger, ham radio operator, got into the hobby because it looked like she and three others might be going to a foreign mission, possibly Brazil. A friend encouraged her to become a ham radio operator so that she would be able to communicate quite easily. In 1968, Sr. Rosetta got her license, but even though she did not go to Brazil, she was hooked. In 1969, she went to study at the Coady Institute in Nova Scotia and she dragged her equipment along. Serendipity was at work, when her very first contact was in Brescia, Italy.

Even though, Sr. Rosetta does not have her equipment set up at this time, over the years, she has collected many QSL cards (QSL stands for "confirmed" and is proof that you were in contact with a particular person or station). She has cards from every continent. Her most exciting contact was after a storm in Nicaragua, when she was one of the first people to reach ham operators there. She was able to get them much-needed help and received a certificate from the Ham Radio Society.

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