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Partying the Red Sea

Updated: Jul 4

July 1st and a day to gather and celebrate. The rainy weather did not stop a good number of Sisters and friends to attend the annual Canada Day BBQ hosted by Sr. Anne Lewans. The BBQ was also an opportunity to thank Sr. Teresita Kambeitz for her ministry on council as she "retires" to pursue her writing. Sr. Anne gave a general thank you and then those attending were invited to roast and toast Teresita. Sr. Mary Zerr presented a corsage - in red, of course.

Brief thank yous were also given to Sr. Anne, Sr. Dianne, Sr. Mary and Andy Praksas for their leadership, and/or their hard work at the generalate. The evening ended with a brief classical music concert, offered by Matthew Praksas on keyboard and Wagner Barbosa on violin.

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