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Once Upon a Time...

When asked how she got started in working with the archives, Sr. Magdalen Stengler said, "It was really very simple. There was nobody else to do it, and I looked like I might fill the slot." Sr. Magdalen started when she retired from the Catholic Centre in the 1990's. She fell in love with the work, enjoyed it and found it very interesting. Sr. Magdalen knew nothing about working with archives, but a Presentation Sister told her, "Work out your system and be consistent." She found that to be valuable advice. She learned more from attending National Archives Meetings.

Her work, which she did for many years, gave her a feel for what has gone on in the community from the beginning. Through her archive work, she began writing "Now and Then", the history of the Ursulines of Prelate. Since she has stopped working in the archives, she has written a little booklet, called "Transitions", an addendum to the history book.

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