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Is it Really Winter...?

We have close to 50 cms. of snow on the ground (already!!!) but some of us may actually not be in winter. How can that be? From November 17 - 19, sixteen Ursulines of Prelate took part in a three-day zoom retreat, entitled "Seasons of Our Lives - Journeying Through Life's Transitions" facilitated by Debbie Doornbos. Debbie talked about change, transitions and new beginnings and how the inner feelings that come with them can be likened to the seasons, seasons which don't necessarily coincide with the season outside. Summer is a time of blooming and abundance; autumn the season of surrender; winter a neutral zone, a time of darkness and waiting, and spring a time for new beginnings.

The retreat started with prayer and a reading of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 - There is a time for every season under heaven. Using poetry, music, scripture and PowerPoint, Debbie led the participants through the seasons with plenty of quiet time guided by questions that evoked deep reflection.

The retreat was enjoyed and appreciated by all.

Facilitator: Debbie Doornbos - Photo from Sacred Art of Living Center

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