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Finally, after over two years, the Ursulines had an assembly, where all the participants were physically present. April 12th, was spent in meeting with Joanne Yelle Weatherall of Canadian Religious Stewardship (CRS). In this meeting the Sisters continued the discussions begun some months ago. The aim was to agree on some actions that can be taken to simplify life for the community with the help of CRS.

Five items were on the agenda: health care, leadership and governance, disposal of properties, clarification of mission and ministry and continuation thereof, and a community will. There were some intense discussions, and in the end it was agreed that the most urgent need was help with healthcare for the Sisters. Joanne was given the mandate to investigate how this might best be accomplished. Joanne used the imagery of getting the trains on the track. The health care train will be going faster; the leadership train will also get going but slower, with the idea of finding some areas that can be done by people other than the council or Sisters, just to ease the burden on the leadership. All in all, it was a productive meeting.

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