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Virtual Assembly

It's been three years since our last assembly and elections. This spring, elections should have been held, but since canon law requires voting to take place in person, COVID19 has put a hold on things. The same council members stay in place. But life goes on, and so we had a zoom assembly on June 1st.

In the morning, Sr. Anne Lewans, as General Superior, gave an excellent, comprehensive report of the last three years. She mentioned many things but especially stressed three events that greatly influenced our lives during this time.

There was the celebration of our 100th anniversary, carried throughout 2019, with various functions and a public celebration on June 1st, 2019 at Holy Family Cathedral

2019 - 2020 saw the transfer of St. Angela Merici Residence to Emmanuel Care. 15 Sisters still reside there but the congregation no longer has responsibility for care or building.

The last year and a half has been very much defined by the pandemic. Lockdowns, restrictions, vaccinations. All this and more seriously curtailed our lives, especially at St. Angela Merici Residence and Trinity Manor where liturgies and all visits were cancelled and nobody could leave the building. It also impacted how we relate as a community, with most of our interactions over zoom. With everyone else, we hope and pray for a return to a "new normal."

One momentous occasion in 2021, was the opening of the Hospice at Glengarda. The first free-standing hospice in Saskatchewan is close to the heart of the Sisters since the building was their home and hub for many years.

After an informative morning, the afternoon was spent with Joanne Yelle Weatherall, Executive Director of Canadian Religious Stewardship. She and the Sisters are planning for the future and exploring ways that CRS may be of assistance to the congregation in the coming years as members, age, die and become less able to fulfill the needs of the community. We are looking forward to a continued dialogue.

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