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Mix and Match

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

A long-planned meeting of the Sisters to talk about the future, had a few monkey wrenches thrown in the works, when the Sisters, living at St. Angela Merici Residence, were in lock-down mode because of a COVID outbreak. The outbreak was not serious but the lock-down procedures had to be followed. So on September 23rd, the Sisters at the residence joined the 11 Sisters at Queen's House via Zoom. It was not ideal, but such snags call for creativity.

The meeting, facilitated by Joanne Yelle Weatherall, was to open some discussion and planning about collaboration between Canadian Religious Stewardship (CRS) and the Ursulines of Prelate. CRS is the first entity of its kind in the world. It was established to give religious communities some recourse, when dwindling numbers, advanced age and poor health make it impossible for communities to handle all of their congregational needs.

Joanne, Executive Director of CRS, gave some background on CRS and then showed the results of a survey she had the Sisters complete some time ago. Some uncertainty emerged whether the need for making a plan with CRS is needed now. Joanne asked, if not now, then when? The day was challenging, as were the questions that Joanne asked. Is it fair to keep asking Sisters, who are in their 80's and older, to serve in leadership with the ever greater demands in regards to Sister's health, COVID and various issues of the modern world?

It was a day of intense discussion, and it was obvious that this conversation needs to continue.

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