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Manifestation of the Lord

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

On January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany, the Ursulines of Prelate and Emmanuel Care celebrated the transfer of St. Angela Merici Residence from the Sisters to the Catholic Health Organisation. Sisters, residents, board members and friends were welcomed by Francis Maza, Executive Lead, Mission, Ethics and Spirituality, and Ray Kolla, vice-chair of the St. Angela Merici Residence Board.

Archbishop Don Bolen presided at Mass and in his homily talked how this day was appropriate for such a celebration. He mentioned how the Magi had to trust in the journey and how the Sisters and Emmanuel Health have had to do the same. He spoke about how the Magi brought the gifts they could and how both parties here have given their gifts and continue to offer their gifts. As well, he added, both come to adore Jesus and trust in his presence and providence.

During Mass, Sr. Anne Lewans, Ursuline General Superior, and Al Brischuk, board chair of Emmanuel Care, signed the official documents. At the end of Mass, Al commissioned the board of St. Angela Merici Residence and Ray Kolla commissioned Shannon Granger as the Executive Director.

Mass was followed by coffee and cake in the atrium.

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