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History a Passion

For Sr. Herman Blatz, history has always been a passion. So it came as no surprise that, in 1970, she would be part of a committee that started the very first Ursuline museum in Prelate. Since then, Sr. Hermana has been involved in preserving the Ursuline history. Initially, she wanted to preserve some of what the older Sisters experienced, so she concentrated on artifacts from chapel, kitchen and dining-room. Later, many other items were added, such as books, photos, furniture and tapestries that were brought over by the first Sisters from Germany. Eventually, the Prelate museum closed and many of the items were moved into a large room at St. Angela Merici Residence, which became known as the Heritage Room. It is there that Sr. Hermana continued her passion, preserving history for many years. For many of those years, Sr. Brigitta Haag was an able helper, both in the Heritage Room and in changing the array of artifacts in the display case on main floor every month.

Now, the Heritage Room is being dismantled and that era is coming to an end. As the room is being emptied out, Sr. Hermana's and Sr. Brigitta's hard and dedicated work will not be forgotten.

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