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On October 6th, 18 Ursulines gathered for an assembly at Queen's House. The leadership team gave a report about the happenings since the last meeting in April. Action has been taken about hiring a care coordinator - feelers have been put out and a person may be hired soon.

After Mass with Bishop Mark and lunch, the topics up for discussion were leadership and a community will. In regard to leadership, the decision was unanimous to let the present team continue since they are willing to proceed and keep serving the community as they have been.

The team asked for suggestion about disbursements of funds once there are no more members alive. Suggestions were made, in keeping with "Educating for Life" and the team will prepare a will which is to be shown to the community and signed by all members capable of doing so.

The meeting ended with a thank you to Sr. Anne - a poem by Sr. Alice and a bouquet of flowers.

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