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And Never the Twain Shall Meet

And never the twain shall meet isn't quite correct, maybe it should read: and never the twain shall meet closer than six feet. Covid19 has played havoc with all of our lives and we, as well as you reading this, have had to hunker down and cancel many events. St. Angela Merici Residence has been locked down since early March and starting just this past week people are allowed to visit, but only outside and through prior arrangements. In the above photo, the masked invader is Sr. Anne Lewans visiting with Sr. Lucille Bleile in the gazebo.

So far, we have managed to stave off the virus in our community, but, as you yourselves are probably experiencing, it is difficult to isolate and stay at home.

As you can see below, we are practicing the proper social distancing, here Sr. Anne is signing some more papers for Emmanuel Care.

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