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A Big Hurrah!

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

As the Ursulines of Prelate are wrapping up a year of celebration for their 100th anniversary, they gathered to share supper, prayer and to look back at the monthly events and celebrations that took place over 2019 and to reminisce. The prayer used balloons in the colors of the four directions to talk about joy and celebration (yellow); passion for vocation, ministry and community (red); losses and hardships (black);memories, gratitude and new beginnings (white). Sisters shared what were highlights for them. Many felt they had gotten to know each other better and they shared their pride in being Ursulines of Prelate. Mentioned often was the June 1st celebration with the public present. Sisters were awed by the support of associates, families and friends, many of whom came out to celebrate and who were not shy about voicing their appreciation. It was seen as a celebration that was not a last hurrah, but a new hurrah, showing that the charism of the Ursulines of Prelate is alive and well and that anything is possible.

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