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October 21

October 21st is the Feast day of St. Ursula, the patroness of Ursulines all over the world. On this day, the Ursulines of Prelate gathered to celebrate. It was an afternoon and evening of everything from the serious, to the funny, and to the holy.

The afternoon began with a gathering and a continuation of discussions around the legacy the Ursulines have left and are continuing to leave. This portion ended with a visit from Scott Irving, CEO of Emmanuel Catholic Health Care, which took over St. Angela Merici Residence on October 1st. He gave an overview of how the work the Sisters have begun will continue with Emmanuel Health and Sr. Anne Lewans presented him with the blueprints of the building.

A festive supper followed the afternoon and then there was some fun to be had. Helen Zimmer, in charge of recreation at St. Angela Merici, had prepared a number of games. They were crazy, fun and there was lots of laughter.

The evening ended with solemn vespers.

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