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Getting Stirred Up

On November 24th, the Ursulines of Bruno and the Ursulines of Prelate met for the 18th annual Stirrings. Forty-four Sisters gathered to learn, to play, to visit and enjoy each others company. The morning started with a very interesting video from the Roman Union. It told the story of Nano Nagle, an Irish woman, who founded the Irish Presentation Sisters in the 1700's. In the process, there was a then unheard of collaboration between the Presentation Sisters and the Ursuline Sisters. Some of the hardships were retold in letters between an Ursuline novice and Nano Nagle. Seven letter were still in the possession of the Ursulines. In June 2018, the Ursulines gifted these letters to the Presentation Sisters.

After a delicious lunch, fun was to be had. The Sisters played a game in which one read a spiritual question which then had to be answered by each person in the small groups. What would you answer to questions like, "What would you like your funeral to be like?" and "If you came to judgment day, what would be your greatest regret?"

This was followed by a form of charades in which one person left the room and the group left behind was told what would be depicted by one person. The person coming back in, had to guess what was happening. One Sister, depicting brushing snow off a car, felt she had already brushed the paint off before the answer was guessed.

The afternoon ended with a "music lesson" with lots of rhythmic clapping.

"Digging potatoes" Hey, I won a door prize."

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